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CBD products made from hemp naturally grown on our New Mexican family farm

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It's a Family Tradition!

For over 100 years our family has been growing chile, apples, corn and melons along the Rio Grande in New Mexico. In 2019 Anthony Wagner and his kids ventured into their own project of growing hemp for the very first time. They also had a lot of help from close friends turned farm-hands.  


At Nuevo Medico, we believe in taking care of our community through agriculture, so we’ve made it our mission to harness the true power and potency of hemp in everything we create.  Our full spectrum CBD products are made from hemp naturally grown on our family farm, using the highest quality standards. Our hemp is grown using no pesticides, is vegan, gluten-free and non-GMO. The hemp is then manufactured into CBD in New Mexico using no artificial flavors, preservatives or sweeteners, giving our ingestible products that natural CBD flavor. Our products are tested multiple times throughout the entire process. ​So-- sit back, relax, and enjoy all that we have to offer.


I’ve been dealing with diabetic nerve pain for about five years and have recently  started using Nuevo Medico’s 1000 mg CBD oil as I was looking for an alternative to over the counter pain killers. I take one dropper every morning before work and have found that it works just as good if not better at getting me through a day of being on my feet all day  and now do not have to worry about the side affects that would come from taking over the counter pain killers every day.

Sydney C.

I received a bottle of 300 mg CBD tincture (oral use) and have used it daily over a month now. A full dropper is 10 mg and I like to take a half dropper as I'm getting around in the morning and a second one around 4-6 pm.  For me, the Nuevo Medico full spectrum oil has a hint of a peppery/sunflower seed taste but it certainly goes down easy compared to others I’ve had (and paid more for). It has helped with my ability to focus and complete tasks -which is a serious issue if you know me. It legit helps with back/hips pain so I don’t have to take nasty opiates and can be comfortable and active throughout my day. My favorite is the subtle way it helps me remain calm and not feel like every little thing is the end of the world.  This CBD softens the edges just enough to be at ease without the grogginess I’ve had from other companies.  It also does wonders for my nausea.  I have tried many different CBD oils since I started 4 years ago and Nuevo Medico certainly has a top shelf product I would put against any company out there. It provides the physical and mental relief I expect from CBD. 

Scotty B.


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